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grrrrrrrr 05-17-06 20:04
So I have come to one conclusion over the last couple of days. I hate being alone or rather not having a significant other. It is not that I need this person it is just that when you are alone there is a lot less to do especially when all your friends have someone. So basically it comes down to being bored, don't get me wrong I would love the company and I am getting to that point where i am starting to think about a family or maybe just finding one person to spend my life with. This is put in my face even more with all the damn people getting married or knowing the person they are with is the one they plan to marry. No offense to them in fact i am happy for them but it still sucks for me. I know I am being very self-centerd but damn it, it is very very frustrating. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
Random aggrivations 05-03-06 09:06

1. least favorite things done by my friends. One friend has a guy over so since the other friend feels left out they invite their guy over. I am still without guy watching all the "cute" cuddling, kissing, and all that crap. Thank you so much for making me the fifth wheel cause ya know not having someone doesn't suck enough already.

2. least favorite thing done by ex boyfriends.after we break up keep coming over and having sex with me and when I am completely attacthed again turn into a giant asshole. But wonder why it is that i tell you i am not going to call anymore.

3. least favorite thing done by guy I am having sex with. After seeing you for 4 months while you constantly promise me the world and that we will be officially together soon, tell me that after having sex with me that you are getting married in two days. watch my jaw hit the ground and then say well you can come if you want. Yes this happened, i didn't have any idea he was getting married and honestly don't know if he actually did or not.

4. least favorite thing done by self. random bitching haha
04-29-06 10:54
Finally... good news 04-22-06 09:43
So i had to go into the doctor to have a blood test done to see how much of the cancer is still in my body. The test results showed that i still had a very small amount in my body and that the enlarged lymphnods that they thought were cancer may not be. So the doctor has decided that he doesn't think that the cancer is back but i will have to have a MRI in 3 months to make sure. So for now everything is still ok. It wasn't the news i was expecting but i am definetely not going to complain about this kind of news.
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